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Daisy Dabs Bud Sticky Smoke Session Fuck


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March 27, 2017
Pretty Daisy Dub smokes pot while having sex.
  1. sportsinfiniti says:

    So hot would love to have a threesome with you and him what would you have me do?

  2. icecreamman85 says:

    Aint nothing like getting a BJ and having your dick rode while smoking a fat ass blunt by a sexy ass chick, simply heaven on earth! I’ve been there, oh yeah. Daisy and Bud are my evidence in the flesh to all the 420 haters that the 2 go together like a hand in a velvet glove! Rock on Daisy and Bud!

  3. Lilith_Immaculate says:

    Not the first time one of your videos has gotten me off.. Probably won’t be the last, at that. Though I do so wish you’d have freed those cute tits of yours during that very fun to watch ride.

  4. Jball4 says:

    You are so sexy can you please make a POV facial vid?!

  5. Batdazza says:

    Just started dating a lady who likes to get high too. Can’t wait to see if she likes getting high and cumming at the same time!