Smoking Vanessa – Vlog #9 A Vertical Smoking Fetish Video

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First of all, this looks MUCH better on my site:

I got all dressed up and ready to go out and I thought to myself, “Vanessa, you need a cigarette!” and then I thought “You need to film it”. So, I set up my iPhone and started filming.

It was only once I’d finished that I realized I filmed it in the vertical orientation! I’m just so used to filming on my camera that way these days.

So I’m giving you a sneak peek at it and putting a vote to committee: how do you guys feel about vertical smoking fetish videos? All other factor being equal, do you prefer “regular” videos or vertical videos? Would you purchase a vertical video? So many questions!

I only want to provide content you guys like. So please do me a favor and let me know in the comments how y’all feel about this, ok? Thanks, darlins 🙂

01:01 minutes long

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February 6, 2017

Smoking Vanessa – Vlog #9 A Vertical Smoking Fetish Video