70 Seconds Preview [Smoking Fetish] “Carol knows she looks sexy while she Smokes”

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70 Seconds Preview of the Smoking Fetish Video “Carol knows she looks sexy while she Smokes”.

Full Video length 14:29 Minutes.
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01:12 minutes long

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May 2, 2012
Comments (10)

70 Seconds Preview [Smoking Fetish] "Carol knows she looks sexy while she Smokes"

  1. Joe Triolo says:

    Carol never fails to amaze…

  2. David Bradley says:

    Carol, you could steal my heart in about 2 seconds! Very hot lady :))

  3. jutones24 says:

    I second all the comments; AND she has gorgeous legs too. That she KNOWS it, just emphasizes her allure. What a woman – I think she has a bit of a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude too 🙂

  4. Linda Francine says:

    She is so lovely.  What a sight.

  5. cucciocagno says:

    Gran gnocca

  6. teignteign says:

    Lovely video. Carol oozes sexiness and femininity. She is obviously a very heavy smoker who loves smoking and adores her cigarettes. We can see by the way she takes her long deep drags, carry’s herself and the look of her eyes and her skin that she is dedicated to being a heavy smoker. The sort of woman who starts each day immediately with cigarette after cigarette. I would say a 60 a day smoker, B+H Gold 100’s. A very sexy heavy smoking woman.

  7. gbppitt says:

    She has it! Sweet!!!!

  8. Trudie Midwinter says:

    Envy you, look forward 2 seeing more of You. Smoking Xxx

  9. ginchie840 says:

    like to give my tounge a workout on that lady